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Melbourne singer songwriter released her debut EP entitled No Place In Your World at Bar 303 on October 23d, 2016.


A country gal at heart, Lissa Jayne grew up in Woodend, Victoria, a pretty little hamlet nestled in the Macedon ranges, where the mountain air definitely has influenced her style of honest, raw and infectious songwriting. There's something about a country girl, with a guitar, who ponders things a little differently to city folk and weaves that purity and observation into her songs. A craft so unadulterated yet mature at the same time.


Lissa Jayne is now permanently based in Melbourne but ventures home when the mountain woods beckon her back and she will always be a country girl at heart. She has started appearing around the various venues of Melbourne's live music scene, where she has been showing off her songwriting ability.


She has held a deep seated love affair with music all her life, having spent much of her childhood performing in singing competitions. A late bloomer to the music world, it wasn't until later in life she started writing song, some of which can be heard on her debut EP containing six beguiling songs with enchanting titles such as Batface Girl, Towns that Make you Bizarre, Damn your Name and That Girl is Gone.


Lissa Jayne, whose hypnotic and captivating music is dark in mood and lyrical content, entwines her love songs with depth and wonderment, but also oscillates between romanticism and grief, so it's little wonder she lists her favourite and most influential artists as Rowland S Howard (solo/The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls, Crime & The City Solution), Nick Cave and Julee Cruise.


Charmingly described by a fellow musician who has succinctly tapped her true spirit "Lissa Jayne sat demurely in her sweet little Lolita dress and bow, with her pretty blonde acoustic and then served us up a love song of her own, laced with metaphor and darkness.” You know you're in for a treat when you listen to 'No Place in Your World' and imbibe in her unique special cathartic take on life and love.